Bluetooth Headphones


Found a nice Bluetooth headphone adaptor which connects to your phone and enable you to use your own headphones.

It’s by Nokia its a BH-111 i got mine from Amazon 

its simple to use, and very handy


So Which tablet!!


Ok so i’ve been thinking about getting a tablet pc for some time now but with all the choice what do you go for..

Do you go for the IPad 2 or an android. well for me the answer was quite easy Both!!! i got the IPad2 for the Mrs & and Droid Tablet for me the one i got was an Advent Vega running Android 2.2 (basic)

So side by side the pads are both nearly the same screen, have same amount of memory & Processor and both Wi-Fi – But that’s where is stops. The IPad is rather slick and has a really amazing screen and a locked OS.
BUT the Vega on the other hand is an OPEN system… so with a few clicks n downloads i now have Honey Comb OS on it. oh and did i mention that it has a USB port on it (so copying files onto the 32GB card is quick n easy) oh it also has HDMI output too plus more..

So which is better…. The IPad is Simple, Slick & fast (i do like it) and the Droid is Fast more complex and Open..

So i can’t really cast a vote which is better, as they both have their good points and bad – but I’m going to stick with my droid as i like to muck about with the OS and find new things that it can do..

Threat of tennis strike worrying absolutely no-one


Andy Murray in strike threat

Professional tennis players threatening to strike have today been reminded that going on strike will make not the slightest bit of difference to anyone, anywhere.

Andy Murray and his fellow athletes have said they need more time off from hitting a ball across a net, and that if they don’t get it, they will stop hitting a ball across a net.

A spokesperson for the ATP World Tour said that introducing breaks could mean the end of tournaments you’ve never seen in places you’ve never heard of.

Sports fan Simon Williams told us, “And end to something I never see and don’t care about? Hmm. Hang on, let me have a quick look in my bag of bothereds.”

“Nope, I checked and it’s completely empty – sorry.”

“Let me tell you what will happen to our way of life if Andy Murray goes on strike. Nothing. Absolutely nothing whatsoever.”

Tennis strike

Some tennis fans have insisted that reduction in the number of tournaments would mean less Andy Murray, and should therefore be considered a ‘tremendous opportunity’.

As one told us, “The only thing better than seeing less Andy Murray on television is seeing no Andy Murray on television.”

“So it’s only a small step, but it’s definitely in the right direction.”


Neutrinos set to receive 6 points and mandatory speed awareness training


Neutrinos break speed of light

Neutrinos caught breaking the speed of light are set to receive 6 points on their licence and will be forced to attend a mandatory speed safety course with other reckless sub-atomic particles.

Neutrinos sent through the ground from Cern toward the Gran Sasso laboratory 732km away in Italy went through a speed-trap at slightly over the speed of light, automatically triggering the penalty points and a fine.

A spokesperson for Cern told us, “We’re pretty sure there’s been a mistake, we’ve never seen Neutrinos go this fast before.”

“We’ve asked to review the footage, and to have the speed trap calibrated by an independent expert.”

“We’re not trying not wriggle out of anything, we just want to make sure they’re guilty of what they’ve been accused of. I can assure you we take speeding past light itself very seriously indeed.”

Speed of light broken

A spokesperson for the Italian authorities told us, “We’re more disappointed than anything. You might expect this from electrons with their highly charged nature – but neutrinos? They always seemed so well behaved.”

“But they will be treated like any other misbehaving sub-atomic particles. Just because they come from Cern doesn’t mean they’ll get any special treatment.”

The neutrinos have 14 days to appeal the decision.

from newsthump

Windows Live Skydrive

How would you like a generous 25GB of free, online, password-protected storage space? Well, that’s exactly what Windows Live SkyDrive offers – all the extra room you could possibly need to share your favourite photos, important documents and more.

It’s designed to integrate with other Windows Live services, too – 5GB of it can be synchronised with other computers via Windows Live Mesh, for example, while Office Web Apps also uses it to store your online folders.

Windows Live Family Safety

Worried about what your children might be getting up to when they spend time online? This free tool enables you to monitor what they’re looking at. If necessary, you can restrict access to the web, programs (including games) and even the computer itself, ensuring that they don’t push their boundaries too far.

Settings are stored in your Windows Live ID, enabling you to configure the program on multiple PCs in the home. Plus, the latest 2011 version links in with Windows user accounts, making it even easier to run.

It’s simple to setup and manage.

Blog Rollup:


So i’ve been doing this blog now for a few weeks and had many a good response all of which are positive (thank you).

So thank you for those few minutes of your time to read this crap handy stuff and i hope that you like what you read and it did help you out.

Now my knowledge of handy stuff i think may be limited but we shall see what happens for future posts.

So todays post is all about: Security and car Keys

So there we were visiting one of our favourite kite festivals “Teston Bridge Picnic park” and the “Mrs” accidently goes and shuts the boot of the car with the keys inside (oh and all the doors were locked too). So there we are in a middle of a field unable to get into the car or go home, – which is fine because were not going to leave till late. We call the breakdown people, who send a man in a van who couldn’t get in the car so he called for another man but in a bigger van to see if they could get in together. After about 4 or 5 hours the kind gents got into the car and retrieved our keys, much to the embarrassment of the Mrs. Anyway we decided to go home around 10pm ish, so we said our good byes and was waved off the field with laughter and jovialness. only to return 20mins later with a problem with the car. It just wouldn’t go over 30MPH.

So the breakdown people came out again and to cut a long story short we were towed home sometime in the early hour of the morning.

After spending £3,500 fixing the car because of the damaged caused to it, the moral of the story is. If you lock your keys in your car DO NOT let the breakdown person (or whoever comes to your rescue) go under the car with a Battery!!!! as this blows the main computer of the car!!!!!… Just Smash the ruddy window and pay the £50 excess..

RainX : Quite simply “Good”


This stuff is bloody good stuff.
What is it. Well it’s product that you put on your windscreen so that when it rains the water just runs off.

All you have to do is clean your windscreen then apply this to it. and that is it.

Then when it starts to rain “again” and you go for a drive you will see the difference

Fury as minor change made to completely free brilliant thing

Facebook changes feed page

Millions of Facebook users have expressed their outrage after a minor change was made to the completely free thing that continues to be free and forces no-one to use it.

A refreshed interface on the popular social network means that its 750 million users may have to spend literally minutes familiarising themselves with the slightly tweaked layout.

“This is disgusting,” wrote one user on their wall, “Not once did they ask me if they could change this incredible thing which they provide for me at no cost whatsoever.”

“The eight hours a day I spend on here are incredibly important, I definitely don’t have five minutes to learn something a bit different.”

“It has made me post an image about the issue which lots of other people posted because we’re all incredibly upset and Facebook is the best place to express that.”

Facebook changes

Others have said they actually don’t care about the changes, and that it might actually force them to engage with another human being every now and again.

Regular Facebook user Jane Matthews told us, “I was trying to find out what my friend Tracey was doing, and I couldn’t. Then I remembered I had a phone, so I called her.”

“Turns out she was too busy playing Farmville to talk to me, but it was nice to hear her voice. Even it if it was her voicemail.”

Social anthropologists Simon Williams told us, “It’s an important lesson for those working in the world of politics.”

“Clearly if you want to motivate a large number of people, simply make a small change to something that doesn’t cost them anything and literally couldn’t be any less important.”

“No, I don’t get it either.”

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WhatsApp …Another Nifty App


I was introduced to this good little app by my son a few months ago now and have been using it ever since.
What does it do? Well it enables you send and receive texts, Pictures, and all kinds of multimedia etc..  all for FREE!! (as long as you have a good data package) using your mobile.

The beauty of it is that if you have friends or family in other countries you can add their mobile number and if they use WhatsApp you can send them Text messages or Multimedia messages via your mobile at no extra cost..

It works on nearly all smart phones  Blackberry, Nokia, Droid and IPhone

Pro’s : Its Free* and you can send all kinds of media to a mobile

Con’s : It does but a strain on your battery