Ok so here is my scenario i have an office out the back garden and i want to use the internet in there..

Yes you can use wireless (i have a good N-range router) i did have a wireless bridge configured, which don’t get me wrong that was good, but it just didn’t handle the traffic that well.

I did think about running a Cat5 cable up the garden. But that meant a load of drilling & digging and i wasn’t about to do that.

Then i was having a chat about this to another IT professional and he said have you tried the Home plug? It uses your plug sockets as a network and they go fast enough to stream HD… Well that was it Google here i come and i ended up buying a set of Netgear ones for about £50 and that solved the issue straight away.

You just plug one into your router (in the house) then the other one goes in the office and i plugged this into a lil Hub/switch device and now i have a nice and fast network…

This also can be used to extend your home wireless network too quite simply plug one to your router then plug the other one into another  wireless access point (with the same SSID) and this the will extend your wireless network too

info about the home plug networking thing is here www.homeplug.org

About flexibug

I’m an IT Consultant working primarily with accounting solutions such as Infor SunSystems Accounting, Vision Q&A, Systems@Work, Version One and also working with SQL Server . I have also created many websites and databases using PHP, ASP MySQL & SQL server

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