So here comes the problem – what the heck do you do with all those Photos Music & Films you have.

You have them on your laptop, memory sticks, USB hard drives, another computer..  and now your computer dies and you lost a load..

Gone are the days of the Photo Album etc.. so what to do.

So after a few days of research i found out that getting a little NAS (Network Attached Storage)  device was going to be my option. However i wanted a NAS that had two drives and lots of space the reason for the two drives is that if one died i had the other as a backup (called mirroring).

So after a bit more research i found a good deal on a Netgear Stora device, nice and fast has 2 x 2TB drives (mirrored) and looks to do the job.

After installing it and setting up (which was very easy) i set it up so each family member had an area on there and and central family area.

It has many features and being a Linux based OS it can be modified very easily. The other plus is that it’s accessible via the internet (using secure connections)

It also hooks up to the Xbox and streams films, Music and photos too.

So now we have this little unit for all our photos, Films & music and much much more..

my only thing now is i want to back this up to another device. don’t want to have all the eggs in one basket now do we..

About flexibug

I’m an IT Consultant working primarily with accounting solutions such as Infor SunSystems Accounting, Vision Q&A, Systems@Work, Version One and also working with SQL Server . I have also created many websites and databases using PHP, ASP MySQL & SQL server

2 responses »

  1. Manky Badger says:

    How much does it cost?

  2. flexibug says:

    I got the Device for about £70 and bought the two 2TB drives on offer for about £40 ish
    if i remember it was from or Amazon

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