Many years ago i found this product for the car and have been using it and recommend it. It gave me better mpg and better performance.
a simple drop in the engine and some in the fuel and that’s it for several thousand miles.

This stuff claims that you can run your engine without oil and the car will survive. Now that’s one hell of a claim to live up to and something i wouldn’t want to test either.

Then a few weeks ago i got a phone call from the Mrs “The car is making a strange noise and sounds like chitty chitty bang bang”. I said ok I’ll look into that (and promptly forgot). anyway about a week later she said that noise has come back again. so this time i actually to a look into it.

So went to check the dip stick nothing! no oil what so ever! so bemused i checked again and yep it was as dry as a bone.
So i filled it up with oil and now all is quite.

So all i can say is thank goodness i used this stuff else i would have been without a car and one hell of a bill and it turns out the the oil sensor had packed up hence this happened.

So that claim stood up and I’m rather grateful

About flexibug

I’m an IT Consultant working primarily with accounting solutions such as Infor SunSystems Accounting, Vision Q&A, Systems@Work, Version One and also working with SQL Server . I have also created many websites and databases using PHP, ASP MySQL & SQL server

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