So i’ve been doing this blog now for a few weeks and had many a good response all of which are positive (thank you).

So thank you for those few minutes of your time to read this crap handy stuff and i hope that you like what you read and it did help you out.

Now my knowledge of handy stuff i think may be limited but we shall see what happens for future posts.

So todays post is all about: Security and car Keys

So there we were visiting one of our favourite kite festivals “Teston Bridge Picnic park” and the “Mrs” accidently goes and shuts the boot of the car with the keys inside (oh and all the doors were locked too). So there we are in a middle of a field unable to get into the car or go home, – which is fine because were not going to leave till late. We call the breakdown people, who send a man in a van who couldn’t get in the car so he called for another man but in a bigger van to see if they could get in together. After about 4 or 5 hours the kind gents got into the car and retrieved our keys, much to the embarrassment of the Mrs. Anyway we decided to go home around 10pm ish, so we said our good byes and was waved off the field with laughter and jovialness. only to return 20mins later with a problem with the car. It just wouldn’t go over 30MPH.

So the breakdown people came out again and to cut a long story short we were towed home sometime in the early hour of the morning.

After spending £3,500 fixing the car because of the damaged caused to it, the moral of the story is. If you lock your keys in your car DO NOT let the breakdown person (or whoever comes to your rescue) go under the car with a Battery!!!! as this blows the main computer of the car!!!!!… Just Smash the ruddy window and pay the £50 excess..

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I’m an IT Consultant working primarily with accounting solutions such as Infor SunSystems Accounting, Vision Q&A, Systems@Work, Version One and also working with SQL Server . I have also created many websites and databases using PHP, ASP MySQL & SQL server

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  1. Manky Badger says:

    I remember that. It was *so* funny. Mainly because it was happening to someone else….
    Happy days….

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