Ok so i’ve been thinking about getting a tablet pc for some time now but with all the choice what do you go for..

Do you go for the IPad 2 or an android. well for me the answer was quite easy Both!!! i got the IPad2 for the Mrs & and Droid Tablet for me the one i got was an Advent Vega running Android 2.2 (basic)

So side by side the pads are both nearly the same screen, have same amount of memory & Processor and both Wi-Fi – But that’s where is stops. The IPad is rather slick and has a really amazing screen and a locked OS.
BUT the Vega on the other hand is an OPEN system… so with a few clicks n downloads i now have Honey Comb OS on it. oh and did i mention that it has a USB port on it (so copying files onto the 32GB card is quick n easy) oh it also has HDMI output too plus more..

So which is better…. The IPad is Simple, Slick & fast (i do like it) and the Droid is Fast more complex and Open..

So i can’t really cast a vote which is better, as they both have their good points and bad – but I’m going to stick with my droid as i like to muck about with the OS and find new things that it can do..

About flexibug

I’m an IT Consultant working primarily with accounting solutions such as Infor SunSystems Accounting, Vision Q&A, Systems@Work, Version One and also working with SQL Server . I have also created many websites and databases using PHP, ASP MySQL & SQL server

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